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Aged Care

EntrySign has been leading visitor management innovations in aged care since it became the first system designed specifically to cater to Aged Care Providers 5 years ago.

Developing features specifically for Australian Aged Care providers such as resident leave, vaccination registers, custom visitor feedback, temperature checks and more, EntrySign has been a leader in aged care visitor management solutions since its arrival.

Vaccination Checking

Ease the burden of compliance with EntrySign’s automated vaccination checking and register. EntrySign allows for the recording and monitoring of multiple vaccination certificates per user; tracking validity periods and waring users when they need to renew their details.

EntrySign vaccination management is dynamic, offering an array of additional compliance tools such as mandatory checks. Mandatory checks allow guests to autonomously enter all required information, before requiring a member of staff check and approve the visit.

All vaccination details are held within the EntrySign database for the mandated period and can be viewed within EntrySign’s comprehensive reporting tool, the Back Office Suite.


Temperature Scanning

Integrating with hands-free infrared thermal scanners, EntrySign can automate the preliminary screening of visitor temperatures. As visitors sign in, EntrySign will have their temperature taken, denying guests to proceed when their temperatures exceed your pre-set threshold and will automatically send an email alert to the staff member in charge.

The thermal scanner can also detect when guests are wearing masks, allowing mask mandate enforcement upon sign in for each guest.

All temperatures taken are recorded and can be viewed in the EntrySign temperature reporting tool.

COVID-19 Screening 

With unparalleled versatility, EntrySign allows you to keep pace with ever-growing legal and compliance obligations. Using custom questions that give you the power to structure your very own screening process and choose how to present it, EntrySign customers are able to adapt in real time to as the health directions grow and evolve.

Customers are able to create as many unique questions as they please from a selection of question formats, and even choose what happens next based on the responses your guests provide; denying access to those who pose a significant risk, sending alerts when flagged responses are given, or even asking tailored follow-up questions.


Resident Leave 

Give your residents freedom while ensuring their safety. EntrySign’s own resident leave feature allows for either the self-checkout of residents, or authorised checkout by carers. Information such as expected return time, destination, carer details or medication supplied can all be entered as a resident is signing out, to ensure your residents are kept safe and accounted for.

For added autonomy and freedom, residents can be provided with faster, less-intrusive options with reduced questions such as quick-swipe proximity cards, QR tokens, or quick search.

Dynamic Customer Feedback

There’s more to feedback than smiley faces. Collect meaningful feedback from your guests by creating your own custom feedback forms for guests to complete. With a series of feedback formats, you can structure your customer feedback forms to ensure that the feedback you receive is actually helpful! You may even choose to make use of follow-up questions that will only appear when certain responses trigger them.


Door Access Control

Eliminate the need to carry multiple cards and fobs by using the same access control tokens across your door entry system and EntrySign.

EntrySign’s universal, multi-format readers are compatible with virtually all RFID technologies (including Mifare, HID, Paxton, Stanley Pac and others), meaning existing cards and fobs can be utilised. EntrySign can also supply new cards and fobs through it’s consumables and printing service.

Self enrolment features make it quick and easy to enrol existing tokens without the need to recall or re-issue cards and fobs.

EntrySign does not change any existing card or fob data, making it perfectly safe to use alongside other solutions.

Evacuation Reports

In the event of an evacuation, EntrySign can produce a quick evacuation report, which can be sent to a dedicated printer, or multiple printers simultaneously.

At the same time, EntrySign can also send an evacuation list to one or more email recipients.

Options to interface fire alarm outputs are available, to automate evacuation reports when your fire alarm is triggered.


EntrySign Live

All organisations have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their staff, visitors, students, contractors and any other personnel visiting, or working on their site. Having accurate information readily available on demand, helps to assure safety, especially in emergency situations, such as fire evacuations and security lockdowns.

EntrySign Live provides access to an electronic copy of your roll call in the cloud through mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones with 3G/4G/5G connections. Complementing existing reporting methods, such as printouts and email functions within EntrySign, EntrySign Live ensures you always have access to an up-to-date ‘on-site’ list, even in the event of your site losing power/data. In education environments, EntrySign also record students who have left the school/campus or returned post-registration.

EntrySign Live’s simple web-app is easy to use and can be accessed on virtually any device with an internet connection and web browser.

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