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The leading sign-in and visitor management system, trusted by businesses across the world.

First impressions count and with EntrySign your visitors will receive a warm, personalised welcome from the moment they are pre-booked to arriving on site. Your sign-in process is often the first point of engagement with visitors and EntrySign promotes a professional corporate identity from the beginning.

Ensure your visitors are notified of any important information, such as health and safety policies, privacy notices and more. You can also display questions and request information relevant to their visit. EntrySign will notify you by email or SMS when your visitors sign in. Emails can include a photograph of your visitor, allowing you to make a personal greeting when receiving your guests.

Door Access Control

Eliminate the need to carry multiple cards and fobs by using the same access control tokens across your door entry system and EntrySign.

EntrySign’s universal, multi-format readers are compatible with virtually all RFID technologies (including Mifare, HID, Paxton, Stanley Pac and others), meaning existing cards and fobs can be utilised. EntrySign can also supply new cards and fobs through it’s consumables and printing service.

Self enrolment features make it quick and easy to enrol existing tokens without the need to recall or re-issue cards and fobs.

EntrySign does not change any existing card or fob data, making it perfectly safe to use alongside other solutions.


Evacuation Reports

In the event of an evacuation, EntrySign can produce a quick evacuation report, which can be sent to a dedicated printer, or multiple printers simultaneously.

At the same time, EntrySign can also send an evacuation list to one or more email recipients.

Options to interface fire alarm outputs are available, to automate evacuation reports when your fire alarm is triggered.

Cloud Personnel Sync

If your company has multiple sites, such as satellite offices or regional factories/warehouses you can enable your staff to sign in across these locations using a single ID card with our cloud-based synchronisation service.

A centralised staff list can be pushed to remote locations via our cloud ensuring your staff list is always up to date even where those locations do not have network connectivity with your head office.

Personnel movements can be pushed back up to the cloud from remote locations to enable centralised visibility and reporting.


Active Directory Integration

Simplify administration of your staff and personnel by integrating with Active Directory (AD). Our AD sync tool will automatically populate your EntrySign staff lists for easy setup and will keep EntrySign up to date with any changes in the Active Directory. If accounts are disabled or deleted in the AD the corresponding person in EntrySign will be automatically archived.

Single sign-on allows your Back Office Suite users to authenticate using their AD credentials for ease of use and added security or for ultimate convenience enable automatic sign-in for seamless authentication using your windows account.

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