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  • Can I run daily reports from EntrySign?
    The EntrySign Back Office Suite (BOS) provides you with access to all your data. You can run reports on demand or even schedule the reports you want.
  • Can I sign in with a QR code?
    Yes, in a number of different ways. You can pre-book visitors who can then sign in with a QR code, or you can allocate QR codes to known users such as staff, authorised visitors and contractors who can then sign in using a QR code.
  • We have more than 1 entrance into our building, do we need more screens?
    Well, that depends. If you just need staff or other known users to the system, such as authorised visitors or contractors, you’ve got quite a few options. We supply a range of small RFID terminals that can be placed at secondary locations so that your colleagues can simply swipe in and out. We can also integrate with door access control systems to release doors or pull data from the door access control readers too.
  • Is EntrySign Cloud-based?
    EntrySign is an on premise solution, although we do have some parts of the system that can be cloud-based, our EntrySign Live application for example. We feel that this is a better solution by having on demand access to your information from within your organisation, especially if there was an emergency. Imagine if there was an evacuation and you needed to know who was on your premises, but your internet connection was down?
  • Can my system be branded with my organisation logo and colour scheme?
    Yes, absolutely, and this is included as part of your system too. Our experienced graphics team will produce a high-quality professional design, including your logos and colour scheme to meet your brand guidelines. Ask a member of our team for an example of some of the exquisite designs we’ve created.
  • Can I use EntrySign to log staff movements?
    Yes, all movements are recorded in the EntrySign system and you can access this data quickly and easily to build your own reports and access the specific data you need.
  • Can I make changes to my own system?
    Yes, of course. There are lots of configurable options and settings in the Back Office Suite (BOS) and lots of helpful how-to articles on the EntrySign knowledge base to help you too.
  • Does EntrySign have an evacuation app?
    EntrySign Live is our on demand, up-to-the-minute live evacuation utility that can be accessed from any device with a web browser. This provides you with quick access to the data you need, on any device, without having to download and configure apps. Especially if you’ve got more than one type of device. We’re making it simple; any device, any browser and up-to-the-minute live data when you need it most.
  • Are there any ongoing charges with the EntrySign system?
    There are no mandatory ongoing charges with the EntrySign system. We do offer market-leading, on-going solution support packages to cover your complete EntrySign product. We also have a range of annual subscription packages, such as touch free sign-in and EntrySign Live which are very popular too. Speak to a member of our team who will be able to provide you with more information on what’s available.
  • Can you provide more ID cards for new staff?
    Yes. We have a dedicated production team for ID cards. You can contact them directly at
  • Do you have an app that staff could sign in on?
    We do. The MyEntrySign app can be used to sign in known users once they arrive at site. We also have the Remote EntrySign app which allows remote workers to sign in too!
  • Can I have different levels of access for different staff in to the Back Office Suite?
    Yes, and you can define the levels of access you want for each user too. It’s very easy to set up and we have lots of how to articles to help you on the knowledge base. You can also call our friendly support team who will be happy to help you.
  • How soon could you install our system?
    Most orders generally complete in around 2-3 weeks. We need to collect some information from you to be able to configure and set up your system such as logos, staff lists, policies and some IT/Network information. This usually takes up most of that time, but for urgent orders, if we receive this information sooner we can speed up the build time.
  • What information do you need from me?
    Well, it depends what you’ve ordered, however we will appoint you a member of our team as a direct point of contact who will provide you with a link to your order configuration portal. The portal will tell you what we need and you can submit the information that we’ve asked directly through it. If you have any questions or there’s something you’re not sure about, your single point of contact will be on hand to assist in any way they can.
  • Does it integrate with our door access control system?
    We integrate directly with Paxton and Stanley PAC door access control systems. We have an API which can also be used to integrate with door access control systems, as well as our DAC integration terminal which can integrate with any door or access system.
  • What other integrations does EntrySign have?
    We can directly integrate with Active Directory, door access control systems, MIS systems, time and attendance systems and we have an API so you can even write your own integrations.
  • Will it link to our MIS system?
    EntrySign can integrate with most MIS systems. We’re trying to minimise the amount of admin you need to do and being able to integrate with your MIS system means we can automate a lot of the daily tasks you might need to do around your student punctuality.
  • What is the EntrySign knowledge base?
    The EntrySign knowledge base is a complete resource for you to get help quickly. Here there are lots of how to videos and articles, frequently asked questions and support tutorials to assist you with anything you might need.
  • I have an issue with my system, who do I contact?
    The easiest way to access our support team is to report your issue to your dedicated helpdesk team. You can do that directly at or you can call our team on 1800 777 508 and press option 1 for technical support. Don’t forget to check out the EntrySign knowledge base where there are lots of how to videos and articles, frequently asked questions and support tutorials.
  • What is the EntrySign knowledge base?
    The EntrySign knowledge base is a complete resource for you to get help quickly. Here there are lots of how to videos and articles, frequently asked questions and support tutorials to assist you with anything you might need.
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