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Latest Updates - August 2022

EntrySign Hardware Updates

Our new EntrySign screen is now available and is being installed in schools and businesses across the UK and US. There’s never been a better time to buy, add on, or upgrade your EntrySign visitor management system.

We spoke to head of development Nev Roberts about our new screen. Nev said… “Our brand new 3rd generation touchscreen has been custom designed and delivers EntrySign customers a number of new features. These include improved security, neater installations, and a higher resolution display, providing even clearer images.”

“While we continue to utilise our multi-format contactless reader, this will now be housed within a new enclosure. Our class-leading contactless reader now features an improved mounting system making it both stronger and more aesthetically pleasing.”

Our new G3 screen has been designed for continuous 24/7 operation and is fully

serviceable. The new removable PC module provides improved serviceability. Nev added… “Serviceability is an increasingly important factor to any organisation purchasing new equipment. These improvements will help us to deliver better customer support and maintain low maintenance and repair costs. The improvements will also reduce both our own and customers’ environmental impact by minimising electrical waste.”

All connectors and ports are now concealed making the system more secure and neater. The built-in PSU also helps to make our professional installations look better than ever!

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