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EntrySign can help

With EntrySign you can ensure that anybody who enters your premises are screened in 4 easy steps:

1. Arrival at Site

Now more than ever, it is important to screen your visitors, contractors and staff. EntrySign allows you to define custom questions, which you can ask when people arrive at your premises.

2. Touch Free Sign In

When visitors or staff arrive, they are asked to scan the QR code using their own device to begin the touch-free sign-in process . All details are obtained through the smart device including the questions you have defined. When ad-hoc visitors or contractors arrive, they scan a QR code using their own device to begin the touch free sign-in process. All details are entered using their own device and any policies / important information can be displayed and accepted too.

3. Screening and Sanitising

Our optional temperature screening add-on allows you to quickly and easily screen visitors, staff and contractors for elevated body temperature and either deny access or send alerts accordingly. Our smart sanitiser add-on allows you to recommend or even mandate hand sanitising as part of your sign-in process.

4. Access & Contact Tracing

Access can be granted or denied based on the results of the sign-in process and screening. Allow or deny access and send notifications if required.

Post-visit contact tracing features help in the event of any reported symptoms or confirmed cases.

To book your FREE remote demo or to learn more about how EntrySign can protect your

site, please contact us:

1800 777 508

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