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Latest Updates - January 2023

Version 5.1.6

Version 5.1.6 is our latest software update, providing many new features and improvements for our EntrySign customers. Our new features provide increased security, enhanced reporting, and even more customisation options, amongst many other improvements.


Our new timesheet feature makes it easier than ever to manage staff and contractor time and attendance by providing clear, formatted reports of movements and hours worked at the click of a button.

Process Editor

Tailor your sign-in and out process via our new user interface within the EntrySign Back-Office Suite. Enable and disable steps, add custom questions and display policies. Users can also reorder steps with simple drag-and-drop options, providing greater customisation and control over the sign-in/out journey.


Enhance safety and security by denying access, or notifying designated people when a visitor or contractor matches the blacklist. The blacklist ensures relevant people within your organisation are aware of the individual and provides the opportunity to respond accordingly. Categorise and add notes to entries for future reference.

Privacy and Power Saving

EntrySign screens can now be locked or switched off automatically out of hours to save energy and ensure privacy and security.

Incident Reporting

Track reportable incidents which happen on or around your site/campus, recording incidents, actions taken and outcomes as well as linking related incidents and outcomes. This versatile feature can be used for a wide range of applications, from health and safety incident reporting in businesses to simple ‘bumped head’ slips in schools and other educational settings.

EntrySign EVO (Enhanced Visitor Options)

EntrySign EVO provides pre-booked visitors and contractors with a range of options prior to arrival. The pre-booked confirmation email now contains links to a customised cloud portal, where they can see more information about your organisation. They can also view prerequisites and policies ahead of their visit, get directions, and even have real-time navigation through their preferred mapping provider.

Upon arrival, visitors can also open car park barriers and enter other access-controlled spaces such as reception areas, vestibules, and more. This is by using secure one-time (automatic expiring) or multi-use (valid between dates/times) cloud access tokens.

*EntrySign EVO requires an additional subscription.

A quick recap of some of our previous updates in 5.1 and above:

  • Documentation feature allowing dynamic selection of documents to be attached when pre-booking visitors and contractors. Documents can now be organised into groups that can be easily selected for inclusion as required.

  • Integration with ACT door access control systems.

  • Fire evacuation reporting – ability to generate reports to show a history of fire evacuation events.

  • Data backup features. Backups are now easier to configure, especially when backing up to a network location.

  • Multiple MIS sync support- EntrySign now has the ability to synchronise against multiple MIS systems simultaneously.

  • Contractor management enhancements.

  • EntrySign Remote sign-in app – staff who are working remotely can quickly sign in from any location via the Cloud. (now available for Android and iOS. *Requires an active Cloud subscription).

  • Improvements to the photo capture feature when signing in.

  • More styling options for the sign-in screen interface.

  • A new feature to set entry requirements for visitors when signing in.

  • All cloud features are consolidated into a single platform – OneCloud.

  • Two-factor authentication for increased security.

Plus many more updates and improvements.

To find out more about our new features and for a full list of updates, please contact our team today.

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